SpinOff Magazine

There was a write up by a local guild member on the different fiber related businesses/breeders/artists in the southwestern Arizona area. I got my magazine this afternoon and was saving it for later and did not even open it, until Linda, a friend in Washington state, mentioned that she saw the photo of my yarn, thought of me, and realized from the write up that it was mine. Glad she did mention it. It would have gotten buried in a pile, since I am on a spinning binge. I am really excited about it. I will have to buy my friend, Tor, a copy, since he was also listed and had a photo in the article. I hauled the Tucson guild out there the other year to check out his Rambouillet's. The photo was taken by a guild member that day. He will probably laugh about it, but I think it is rather cool.

I have felting in the morning and am too excited to sleep. I can't go spin - then I will start watching another series on Fox.com and never get to bed!