Tucson Celtic Festival

The above is a shot of my booth. Instead of the traditional 10x10 foot space, we were given 25x25 feet. It was great to be able to spread out.
From left: Shannon, Holly, and Alan are posing with the Headless Wonder. She is wearing the freeform shawl that we raffled off at the Tucson Wool Festival. I still have a little more embellishing to do.
I tried to do my share of demonstrating, since I had been asked to do it for the festival. The loom is warped with the Lindsay tartan. I have taken artistic license and used more subtle shades of the colors, since I don't like bold reds. Alan was demonstrating the drum carder. People were really interested in the process of creating fiber. We taught several people to drop spindle and hope they will come join us at the ranch for the spin ins. The group is really friendly.
An entry about the Celtic festival needs to include at least one photo of the bagpipe! I have to admit that the bagpipe music was lovely, but I liked it best when the drummers were included. There is just something about that beat.

Another view of the demonstrators. Caroline is on the wheel. Shannon was in traditional garb - which she gave up after a few hours. It was too hot. Holly gave me the evil eye, because I interrupted her count.