Tucson Wool Festival Freeform Shawl

The interesting thing about this shawl is that it has what I call a summer side and another that is a winter side. Depending on how it is worn, you are set for the season. Helen will be picking up the shawl on the 22nd of November. The above is the fall/winter side.
This is the spring/summer side.
The spring side again.
The spinning group, that meets here on the first and third Saturday of the month, have agreed to make a new item to raffle off next year. We are staying with the freeform theme and will be making a lap blanket. We will keep you posted on its progress. The idea is to have the blanket ready to show off when we start publicity for the festival next year. During the festival itself, our demonstration will be the raffle item for the following year.
This year's fiber is going to include Rambouillet, Merino and mohair. It is going to be in natural colors, in hopes of appealing to guys as well as gals.
If you are a spinner, knitter, crocheter, weaver, or any other type of do-er, that would like to contribute to the shawl in some way, try to attend one of the Saturday meetings. I am donating the fiber and the first batches will be distributed on December 6, 2008.