4th Avenue Street Fair

I taught Caroline how to space dye using Koolaid not too long ago and she knitted a scarf on the bias. This morning I put on the buttons that I bought almost a month ago to put on it. There was a lot of interest today in the scarves, bags and shawls. Usually the yarns are the focus. It was nice to see the interest in finished items. I usually make them to show off the yarns or when I am designing new patterns. Sure wish I had more time! I love working with my yarns. I forget how good they look in natural light.

I was especially pleased to see a lot of familiar faces at the fair. It thrills me to hear that they have enjoyed using the yarns. Repeat customers tell me that I am doing the right thing. Periodically, I worry that I am working in a void. It is great to know that I am remembered and that I have brought pleasure to their lives - even if with only a skein of yarn!
The above is my "Victorian Rose Garden." I got on a green, white and desert rose color kick. I am working on a Southwestern Traditions shawl now and will use the above next, if they do not sell by the time I finish the southwestern skein. I know most people are into winter colors now, but I am already dreaming of spring - green things and new kids and lambs. This winter has been warm, but I am ready for the warm blue skies already.