Booth and shop photos with a personal note

Those who know me personally, know that I have retired from cooking. Kristie and Abe cooked last night and filled the kitchen counters with dishes. I told them that I was not going to do them. Marc usually empties and I fill. This was the second photo that I took of the guys doing the cleanup. Abe was a little startled.
The above and below are photos of the shop from Sunday evening. I had to quit and sit to spin. Caroline helped me get the shop back in order by opening. Now I am back to spinning for a new freeform shawl. My funky shawl sold at the street fair, as well as quite a few finished goods. Since Caroline has my inventory online, I was able to see that finished goods were almost half of my sales, the yarns were half and the rest was locks and roving. I was really happy with the fair. In these tough times, I am really grateful that I have so many repeat customers. A lot of the vendors did poorly and some lost their booths in a microburst sometime during Saturday night.

My booth on Saturday. Quite a few of the yarns on the front and the shawl at the top right sold. Incentive to make more!