Current project and Reverse Badger doe and Silvers

This is the project I started working on while waiting for yarn for the red shawl to dry. I am going to call it southwestern traditions, since it has southwestern motifs.
This is the yarn that I am using for the above project. It is all from my animals - Shetland, kid mohair, llama, Rambouillet, and Jacobs.
The Badger doe in the center has a horn growing too close to her head. I wrote to the CAGBA yahoo list and am posting these photos here for them. I have decided to get her horn fixed after chatting with enough other breeders to discover that she is a reverse badger and fairly rare. So many breeders are reducing their herds due to the price of feed that it is becoming worrisome.
She has been hiding under the feeder to get away from the other goats.
From left to right is a black (charcoal) angora goat, a very pale silver and a darker silver. The one in the middle had worse hair than his twin on the right, so I castrated him. Now his hair is finer. The black one on the left has the finest hair. I am keeping all three for now.