Red, Orange, and Black Shawl

I forgot to measure the shawl before shipping it off to its new owner. I really love how it turned out. I ended up using more yarn than I anticipated and spinning more to finish it, but I wanted it to have texture and variation in color and it feels rich and soft.
Close up details of one section.

The shawl can be worn many ways, but I thought that the photo above captured its essence the best. The back does not have the stripes, but the stripes show off the yarns the best.
Above is the latest color way. It is blue and teal. I have two novelty yarns and a few simpler skeins to go along with them. Below is the stash that I began with.
I am going back to spinning simpler yarns, since that is what sold the best today at the street fair. The novelty yarns sell best here at the shop. Probably because the people who visit the ranch are more adventuresome? I know they are more interested in the animals and have been working with fiber longer, so maybe they are more willing to experiment.