I have not figured out how to send replies directly or post replies to the comments, so I will answer Alan's question here. The shearer is coming and will shear for the public to watch on March 14, 2009. He will be here two other days and anyone who wants to can come watch. Just let me know, so I am prepared.

ALL of the animals will be sheared, if they have fiber. This includes llamas and alpacas. The Shetlands, that were not shorn in the fall, will have wool about 3 inches long. The others will have 4-6 inch staples. I am having them sheared in March because waiting just a few weeks can cause them to start growing their new fleeces and then their shorn fleeces look like they have second cuts. I will probably use the shorter fleeces in batts for felting. I have found Shetland to be a great felting wool. The longer ones will be for spinning. Espresso, the ram in the arena, is my oldest. His last fleece was really nice, but no longer next to the skin. I am keeping him and have bought another ram from someone in Oregon. He will arrive here with a few ewes in May 2009. I need a variety of color and need to spread the genes out.