Wintry Arizona Sunset Shawl

The above is the current state of the freeform shawl that I have just begun. Arizona is famous for its sunsets. The summer ones have a totally different hue from the ones we get in the winter months. These are the current colors. I am debating adding white to the mixture to give it less of a dark tone.
This is the yarn wound into balls. I have already decided to take the navy blue in the bottom ball out of the plan. It is too stark compared to the rest of the colors. It is really funny, since the same color is blended into most of the batts that I am using. I am debating whether or not to add white to the mixture to give it more contrast. I think I will just have to spin some before making a final decision.
This is 10 ounces of the yarn. I have to have at least 23 ounces to finish, if not more. The skein on the left is the one that I have washed and wound into balls. The blue is definitely out. The second skein is hanging to dry.