Garnet update and spinning

The yarn above is one that I am spinning right now from the batt below. I plan to coil it to the green cotton. I know most of the country is dealing with the rigors of winter, but my 70 degree weather is making me think spring. I am fascinated by how different the yarn is turning out from the batt. It is a combination of kid mohair and Shetland. It is silky and soft!
Garnet seems to be recovering. I am going to be force feeding her with probios until she delivers. That stuff is a miracle worker. I had been giving her glucose with Vitamin A and D. Tor suggested adding probios. She started fighting me over it, which I considered a good sign. I asked my friend, Trish, if her husband would be willing to help me lift Garnet so she could take care of bodily functions. I was amazed that she actually started standing on her own and was even able to walk away from me. Two hours later I went back out to feed and put a bucket of water in front of her. She drank half of it - first time she did anything on her own since Wednesday. I am very excited. I guilt tripped Kyle into going out with me this evening to lift her again. She can't get up by herself, but she is steadier, so I think she is going to make it. Of course, her hair is starting to fall out. She will have to be sheared right after her lambs are born. I am hoping that she will be eating on her own tomorrow. Marc will be back for a few days, so I will have some help.