Glad it is not me

I took this photo of Latte last night. She does not have udders yet, so she is at least a month away from delivery. She has given me triplets in the past, so I am expecting the same this year, since she is already so large. She has saddlebags, or the middle aged spread. She is running around really well and is still a little hard to catch - which amazes me based on her size.
The animals out of pens means a lot more raking to keep it nice for visitors. I was raking by the light of a halogen tonight. It takes longer to rake than there is daylight after shop hours. Desert, the Rambouillet ram in the pen on the right has already busted the back panel of his pen. He does not want to be in there alone. I might have to get pens fixed before the mud room at this rate.

A photo of the bunnies from two days ago. They are already a lot bigger. There appear to be three reds, a black, a white and a peach. The wool is just starting to come in. I found the black one outside the nest this evening. Nice and plump. I lost the other black one yesterday. It was not growing and bottle feeding did not work. The rest look like they are all going to make it now.