Southwestern Traditions

This is one of the two shawls that I am currently working on. I ran out of yarn - again - so I am waiting for another skein to dry.
The finished shawl will be around 20 by 60 inches - more of a wrap than a shawl.
Tucson is a southwestern town. I first visited it when Kristie was less than 1 year old. I won't tell you how long ago that was - you can do the math! Anyhow, there were lots of cool places to visit then that had a southwestern flavor. My favorites were the Hidden Valley Inn - which has been replaced by a more commercial venture in the past two years and the OK Corral - which closed in the past 6 months, if I remember right. Kind of sad how all of the old southwestern sites are slowly disappearing. The old dude ranches can now be counted on one hand. The gem show is now getting more publicity than the Tucson Rodeo. This is my celebration of the cowboy lifestyle!