I give tours on a regular basis. The Amphitheater school had a large group come out yesterday morning. I was impressed that this bus was able to maneuver around my driveway. It was a lot longer than the buses that have been out before. I am hoping that the group will share some of their photos. I am careful not to take pictures of people without their permission, so I had Chris, who was helping demonstrate for the event, limit himself to taking pictures of the bus. It was a very well-behaved group of 6 and 7 year olds. None of the animals stampeded and Agave behaved more like a dog than a goat. She wiggled her way into the school group pictures.
I have two red hat societies coming out in March, so this skein was created in their honor. I plan to put it into the shop until I finish the southern shawl - I have already knitted the skein I mentioned in the last post and have to spin another. A never ending project. I have already used 500 yards.

This is Garnet, a Jacobs ewe. She could deliver at any time. I spent two hours getting her into the pen next to the far out pasture shed. It would have been easier, if the goats had not tried to get into the action. A few sheep from the far out pasture escaped and then had to coaxed back out. I need to let the does in the large shed out and can't do that with the Shetland ram running loose.
Tomorrow I have the Tucson Visitor Center volunteers coming out to take a tour in the afternoon. I m really glad that the rain that was in the forecast is no longer there. Cold is bearable - wet can get ugly!