Photo Journal

Above are two of the bunnies. They are growing quickly and putting away the food!
A few photos of the yarns currently hanging in my shop. The shop looks very bright with the lighter colors.
My favorite yarns always are hung at the front.
This is the background for an abstract landscape that I felted last Thursday.
Above is the background for the southwestern landscape that I felted on Friday.
The above vegetation is going to be my inspiration for the southwestern landscape.
This yarn is going to be part of the abstract landscape. I love how it turned out.
Eggs galore: The largest egg was the first goose egg of the season and it was laid today. The egg directly to its left is a duck egg. The rest are chicken eggs.
Above is the southwestern shawl. I plan to crochet a cowboy hat and a bolo tie to add to a section that turned out rather plain. Otherwise, I am happy to say that it is done!