Thursday evening

After all of the funky thick and thin coiled, I decided to spin some lace weight mohair/Merino. I did not realize how fuzzy it was until I looked at a close up photo. The colors are subtle. I actually spun 2 ounces and had 246 yards. I was hoping for more yardage, so I could make another green crochet shawl. Guess I have to use two batts to get enough.

I spent today weaving in hopes of finishing the 12 yard warp. I am getting close but did not make it today. I got distracted by my landscape.I took off the saguaro and moved a mesquite, and spun a lot more yarn to embellish. I have come up with a whole series of yarns that emulate desert plants. I will photograph tomorrow in better light. I created poppies today and hope they look right.If not, another fun looking yarn will go in the shop and I will go back to the wheel.