Ajo got his ear tagged and his tail docked. I called to consult with Tor and decided not to castrate until he is older. All of this was, so I could let him and his mother out, and let Creme De Menthe and her baby, Darling, could go in.

My sister, Paula, is among the helpers coming up with memorable names for the babies. Who would have thought that Arizona has so many cool names. This town is in Cococino. Never heard of it, or been there, but it exists! Just wait till you see the "e's" that she found.
This is Darling. The babies seem to be a lot stronger this year, I think it is because it is not so cold out and they are not getting chilled. They are up and on their moms a lot faster than last year.
Darling did seem to have the same problem that all babies do. Which end has the milk?
This is Swiss with Casa and Grande. She got very upset when Creme De Menthe came into the shed. She was worried about the new cries and kept checking to make sure that her kids were still there. They are growing rapidly. They will get tagged tomorrow and allowed to roam, after the tour group leaves. I figured that they might want a chance to hold the babies.
I do expect more babies tomorrow. The does were really putting a show on when I went out this evening. I need to do one more check before hitting the sack. No middle of the night babies yet, but I could always get surprised.