Difficult Day

I thought that Absinthe was going to have only one baby. Turns out she had three. The doe probably weighs less than a pound. She ate the best and seems to be doing well. The bucks can't quite get their legs together to get up. I have named the doe, Patagonia. It is a P day, so I have 6 more names to come up with.
Cinnamon had twin bucks. They are both lovely and up on their feet. One will be Phoenix and the other might be Payson. Will have to think on it.
To add to the day, Texas Doe's water broke about noon. She was not acting like she was in labor. She wandered around eating and doping her best to stay out of my sight. I finally milked her in hopes of triggering labor. Finally Michele reached in and started pulling babies. Two twin does that I figured would have been dead after all of that time, started crying immediately and were soon on their feet. There was a third baby that must have died earlier. It looked really weird. Anyhow, I figured that her babies would be dead and they are already stronger than Absinthe's. I am going to have to go out several times tonight to put babies on Absinthe unless I find them standing the next time I go out. They drink well, so they should eventually be OK.
While all of the above was going on, I was teaching a nuno class. Fortunately she came from a family that raised cattle and knows how theses things can go. She ended up with a lovely shawl.