Jalapeno's babies

This is mostly a note for myself. She had two large does this evening. A black and a white. The first is nice and strong. The second was chilled and needed to be blown dry and colostrum rubbed on the roof of her mouth. She was standing, when I left a few minutes ago. Mom needs time to bond, before I mess any more. I got the black doe on Jalapeno, while Marc held mom. I need to go back out in half hour to be sure that things are going well. I would have lost the white one, if I had not noticed at 8:30 that Jalapeno was in labor. It took her a while to deliver, but I was sure that she would at 9:15, since a bag had already emerged. We think it is really warm, but a baby can die very quickly with the smallest breeze since they are covered in amniotic fluid.

If they both make it, one will be Elgin and the other Eden, unless someone else has good "e" names and lets me know first thing in the morning!