Not just kids

I am getting a little spinning in between dealing with baby emergencies. I have to finish the blend of kid mohair/Merino/Shetland today, so I can spin five straps for the group that came to felt bags on Friday.
Casa and Grande are starting to get their true mohair in. I will catch and photograph a close up. The color, that you see now, is a lot darker than the true fleece.
Cinnamon made no fuss as she delivered her kids. Both are bucks and lovely shades of brown. They are available for sale on weaning. I am going to keep Barbara's buck, Valley, for breeding.
Kit is a white color carrier. She was bred to Palo Seco and gave me a red doe and a black buck. I named them Queen and Creek. Creek is definitely for sale and possibly Queen. They have lovely hair.
Absinthe's doe did not make it, but her two bucks are doing well. They spent a lot of time in the house and are now out with mother. The largest buck is finally on his feet. I had them in a milk crate, so Absinthe would stay bonded with them. I will keep them in the shed another 3 days to be sure that they are going to be ok.

I don't have pictures of Twinkle Toe's babies yet. She had triplets and only wants the buck. It took me a while to get all of them on her and she is abusing Ruby, the smallest doe, who was actually the first one smart enough to drink off her. The buck was the last to get on her. Anyhow, this is the stupidest mother that I have had this year and I have to tie her head up, so she will stand for the babies. It does beat bottle feeding!

I have sent in a deposit for a Patrick Green Elsa carder. It will arrive in about 2 months. Marc wants to be able to walk through the workshop and fleeces are starting to pile up. It takes too long to get roving back from a mill. I actually forget what I have sent! Customers are looking for larger quantities of roving from my color ways, so it makes sense to start producing it myself. Thanks to those of you who shop here, I am able to make my deposit. Marc is going to loan me the rest. I hope to pay him back within a year.