A surprise

I did not realize that the ewe above was pregnant. She had no teats or anything when we sheared two weeks ago and I looked two days ago and figured that only one of the other Shetlands was pregnant - and it was not this one. A lovely ewe that I have named Sedona.

These are Almond Joy's kids. The black is a buck. I thought he was a goner. Michele helped me get him going.
A scene from the ranch today. In the foreground is Badger Doe - any day now. In the background, the doe lying down with the three different colored goats crawling over her is Jalapeno. They are trying to get her up, so they can drink. It is funny how long a mom will sit before she decides to jump up.
A closeup of the hair that a red angora goat is born with. If you think it looks coarse, you would be right. The babies are born with tight little ringlets that are silky looking and feeling, but they are very coarse, when you compare them to the true kid mohair that shows up three weeks later.
And this is a mom who plays favorites. She has only accepted the buck, who is lying in front of her. The two black does in the back on the opposite side of the fence, are hers. She ran them out. I am having to tie her head up or get Marc to lock her head up in a panel. She is too strong for me to maneuver into the panel. She won't stand still for the does to drink, so I am having to stand next to her while they are in the pen. The angora goats are not for those faint of heart!