Beware Dust Devils

The following pictures are of my hay barn that was lifted, twisted and demolished by a 10 second dust devil this afternoon. If you see one headed your way, run! Kyle and Michele saw the pieces flying. All I heard was a boom and crash that sounded like an airplane had crashed in the yard. A neighbor dropped by shortly thereafter and told me that was what he thought also.

I am amazed that any of it is still standing. Hopefully, Kyle will take time out tomorrow to pull some of the roof pieces off. They are rattling in the wind and I am afraid that another dust devil will travel through.

Would you believe that our trailer only had minor scratches? It was sitting under the hay barn.

This poor saguaro got hit last year when the roof of the brick shed blew off. It just does not seem to stand a chance. The panels are still in this tree and the ironwood over the ducks, since I can't reach them or pull them out. I am so glad that none of the animals were hurt. All of the damage occurred just short of their areas.

This is a current experiment on my loom. Will let you know how it goes.

This is Elgin. The goats have just discovered that they can climb trees and get to the green leaves. She is one that I will keep. Her hair is already turning silver. I hope a few others will also, but I am not counting on it. She has style.

Mounds had twin rams on Sunday morning. The white one was still not cleaned off by the time this picture was taken. His name is Eager - he was up and at it and very curious. Since it was an E day, his brother was named Eloy.

Cayenne #83, a Shetland ewe had twin ewes in the afternoon on Sunday. They are tiny compared to Mounds' lambs. Michele named them Estrella and Elfida. They are really cute and among the last to be born. I think that two and possibly three in the far out pasture are pregnant.
The two skeins on the right were made this past week. The skein all of the way on the left was the Cowboys Riding into the Sunset from last year. I was planning to list them on etsy, but time is getting away from me.

This is a close up of the middle skein. It has some of everything.