Catching up

Pearl had her lambs this afternoon. Looking at this picture, you would assume that she had two lovely rams and that they were resting up after birthing. I took this picture and then went inside to change clothes. I was sure that I was going to have to pull a lamb. As large as Pearl was, I was positive that she had another and that there was a problem.

I came back out 20 minutes later and discovered that Pearl had delivered an ewe lamb. I went back in the house thinking that I would catch up with my emails and then go back out and look for the afterbirth. Imagine my surprise when I went back out and had gotten no further than the geese and I could tell that there were four bodies floating around Pearl.
Sure enough, she had had another ewe lamb and this time the afterbirth was coming out. I had been telling the Freeform Spinners of Tucson that morning that I was betting that she was big enough to have quadruplets. Guess I was right - that has not happened often this season! Since today is an "U" name day, it is going to be hard to come up with some names that I will be able to remember. I need two male and two female names. Arizona cities and towns, if you know any.
I have had some lovely "red "kids this year. These are Cinnamon's two bucks. They are easy to catch.
This is a photo of Badger Doe taken yesterday morning. She had her twins (picture lower down) later that afternoon.
I am pretty sure that Mounds is pregnant. I caught a bunch of the goats jumping on her yesterday. She sat for it about 5 minutes before she finally got up.

These are Barbara's kids: Avra and Valley. I think I have 6 different shades of red right now.

Badger Doe's kids - a fading red doe and a black buck. He was full and lying down under her with his mouth on hr teat.Below is my studio cleaned up one more time. Caroline and Michele assembled the racks, while I sorted and carded fiber that was all over the place. I have to admit that it is a lot easier to find colors now and I can tell where I need to do some dyeing. This is just a portion of the mohair. The wool is in another closet and there is still more to sort!