Dark Chocolate

She had her babies, one doe Willow and one buck Spring, both black, before 7 this morning and both were dry and had been drinking. She is not a first time mom, so it was less of a concern. The "Witches" babies are looking for anyone to feed them. I went over to check on the babies and Rica followed me and instantly popped under Dark Chocolate for a minute. I grabbed her and held the Witch, so she could drink. ( I am permanently renaming her.)

It is not windy yet, which makes going out pleasant. None of the ones that I was expecting to deliver have.

Mounds is looking huge and I am now thinking that she is going to have twins. She had been looking peaky, so I started giving her grain. She became very alert, so I plan to supplement her diet extensively till she delivers. I think I averted a case of ketosis.