Novelty yarn

The colors above are the usual ones that I pull out for the southwestern sunset. I am making a new freeform yarn based on the colors that I used in the Cowboys Riding into the Sunset skein ages ago. This one will be a lot different based on how the colors blended together. I used more teal and less white this time. I am going to use my signature cowboy hat and boot buttons. It would not be southwestern without them.
The bobbin is already half full. I have already finished the beads and two other motifs, since I photographed the bobbin. I hope to finish it in the morning and then to make a few skeins that will compliment it. The unadorned singles and coils are less expensive, so I make them to provide extra yardage for people, who want to make shawls instead of scarves.

Mounds is still hanging in there. She looks miserable - and not from the heat. I have one more in the arena and two in the far out pasture left to deliver besides Mounds. I will have to start shearing the remaining goats this weekend. Maybe Sunday. I am not going to want spectators for the first one, since it has been a while since I last sheared. I plan to call Tor to finish any that I can't get to in the next few weeks.