Nuno felting

This is Pearl with her babies. I am going to let her out of the pen in the morning. I wanted to make sure that she got enough grain and that her babies were getting enough milk before I let them out. I have named them Ute, Utting, Ubanks, and Utevak. Hope I can remember them!

The llamas have been hanging out on the other side of the fence watching them. I think Jennifer wishes that they were hers. I saw her earlier today with her nose checking out one of the red kids in the main area. The kid was just looking at her.

Kat, a black doe, had triplets this morning. One did not make it right from the beginning. I was afraid that I had another "witch" on my hands, but she settled down in the shed and I managed to get her kids warm enough for them to eat on their own. I have named them Valentine (doe) and Verde (buck.)
My friend, Michele, has been helping with the animals this year. She is considering raising them herself, so wanted a first hand experience. I think the Friday a week ago with the birth of the black triplets and several other babies all at the same time gave her a real taste of what it could be like. She has survived it and is seen visiting here with the triplets - Rio, Rica, and Ruby. She has been a lifesaver - for both me and the animals - several times.

I started playing around with nuno felting last November and have now started teaching it. Seems like it is not as big elsewhere as it is here in Arizona.
This particular one is currently my favorite. Since I am teaching a class tomorrow, I might have a new favorite by evening. This one is twice the width of the blue one and has mohair locks. I only had to needlefelt three locks that I did not secure well enough in the felting process.
This is a smaller scarf that I felted last week. All three are available in the shop and might get listed on etsy depending on time. I am hooked on carding right now and have a huge pile of bags with batts ready to be spun.