Tuesday evening

Babies will sleep anywhere. If you look closely, you can see that they already have horns.
Remember Huachuca, the first Shetland lamb? Look how big she is after just a month.

These two babies were born Easter morning, so I am naming them Easter and Pasqua. The ewe is really tiny, but not as little as the ewe lamb born this evening. The lamb born this afternoon is weaker than any I have seen. She is now getting up and moving around on her own, but her mother is a first timer and won't stand still for her. Marc and I have already been out twice to help her eat. If her mom does not get with it by 11, I will bring the baby in for the night. I hate to, but it will help her survival.

Duster, a red doe had a buck at dinner time. She is another "teenage"mom, who is not feeding her baby. She did not even dry him off. I just blow dried him. He did not want to suck. He knows where the teats are, so I am going to leave them be for a while.
Since neither of the last two babies are currently photogenic, they are not pictured!