Weather, babies and projects

It is officially spring here. Allergies are horrible, the wind is wicked and rain comes periodically. This is a picture of the mesquite tree going out towards the animal area. I spun yarn this week to emulate the color and looks for future landscape embellishment.
This is the dyed hyperbole plane that I crochet taking liberties with the pattern in Crocheting Adventures. Below is a photo of the item before dyeing. I have already washed and dried it and will photograph how I intend to use it tomorrow. It is an interesting idea. I am not mathematical or scientific, but I do have an inquiring mind. The principles in the book are fairly clear. The formulas - as far as I am concerned, the Greek symbols in them are truly Greek!
Below is the nuno felted shawl that Cheryl made on one of her visits before returning to California. It is lovely and very light weight. She also made a gorgeous purse and a landscape. She wanted to try it all. Friends of hers are coming to felt on Monday.
The birds are nesting in the animal area. I was watching Fairy delivering her babies the other night and saw this saguaro with wool trailing out of it.

The Palo Verde below has a nest made of goose feathers and wool, with touches of mohair. These are all natural colored fibers. I will go check the front of our property tomorrow. One of the mourning doves has been taking the fiber drying under racks in the driveway. Hers is bound to be colorful. I saw her taking purple kid mohair.

The Palo Verde above the geese is fully in bloom.
Pearl and her babies. I feel for her. There always seems to be one attached.they don't let her sit very often! I am giving her extra grain. She needs it.
There are no cities or towns starting with X in Arizona, so I jumped to the "Y"s. I have a Yuma, Yava, Yucca, and Yazzi. If more than one baby is born on the Z day, I will jump to the "A"s again. Thanks to all of you who went checking.

This is a roll of woven material that took Michele and I over 20 minutes to unwind from my loom. It has lots of long and short pieces that are all variations on the same tie up. You can tell when ADD hit, because the pattern or yarn changed. Turns out that I had put 15 yards on and had 13 yards as the final product.
Below are a few close ups of parts of the material. I plan to make cell phone and ipod bags, table runners, and larger bags out of it. Most will be embellished in freeform.

To give you a perspective. Michele is at the far end holding the material from flying. The material is stretched over three 8 feet tables and I had to double it back to get it all on there. The warp was on my loom since right before the wool festival last October. We have already wound another warp and will start tying it on this week.