Animals, landscapes, projects

Above is a skein of freeform yarn that I am currently knitting up as a scarf. I sold the last sample scarf, so I need another to show how the different textures will look once knitted. I have also just realized that I should crochet one.
I added a button bird in the sky on this one after I photographed it. I was inspired to finish it, after seeing the one that my friend, Virginia, brought back to show me.

This is Viginia's landscape that she felted here and then went on to embellish. Hers has a space theme inspired by her husband's work.

These are the doe rabbits born a few months ago. They are German Giant Satin crosses, so they are rather large. The black faced one in the middle is the mother.

These are the two young bucks. They are available for sale now. They need to be played with!

A current view of the goat yard.

Part of my silence on the blog was a result of having to get some shearing done.My blades are dull and Marc is on the east coast, so I am getting a break. New blades arrive tomorrow and Marc will be home, so I will be back at it. This was the first one that I did. I have done five. The last one I sheared was Sweet. Her fleece was so dense and sticky that I wore out two blades on her. 8.75 pounds raw.
Espresso's fleece has just been washed. For being five years old, he had an awesome fleece. It is still next to the skin, although I will probably dye it and use it for felting.
This is Estrella. She and her sister Elfrida were born almost two weeks ago. She has really pretty markings. She is in the arena.
One of the Shetlands in the far out pasture delivered this afternoon - a pure black ewe. Since the lamb has drunk and she won't get chilled - not with the 100 degree weather - I left them to run around. I just have two more expecting. They are sheep, so it won't be as stressful as waiting on a goat. She will get an Arizona name starting with "F".

Allergies are horrible right now. Part of the problem is the ironwood tree (above.) It has no scent, but packs a wallop. Palo Verdes are still going strong, as well as the sweet acacias. Unfortunately, I can no longer take anything to control the symptoms, since I think they are causing me to have nightmares. Very scary dreams that I can remember when I wake up.