I caught a picture of several of the Rambouillet/Columbia crosses diving for the first feed bowl that I filled. The two on the far left look more like Jacobs and the ewe has horns, so they must have some other cross in there. Will have to ask Tor!
Three baby goslings hatched om Monday morning. They are already being moved around by the moms. I am always being asked whether the sheep and goats will take care of another's baby and the answer is no. The geese do take turns sitting on the nests and then share in herding the babies goslings around. This allows the goose on the nest to remain sitting. There are two more eggs, but I don't think they are going to hatch. I will pull them on Monday since I don't want "Ugly", the Pilgrim goose that is sitting to get heat stressed.

On Monday, I nuno felted this piece of fabric. I have since cut out a vest and started sewing it up. The material is gauze and a royal pain to cut and sew. I should have it done by tonight. I love the color combination. I might make more material, but will sell it and let someone else have the *joy* of sewing it up! I photographed the felting process with the help of a friend, so I can write a pattern for my methods. They are just different enough that it will be worth it - also the number of requests shows that there is interest.

Above are two locks of mohair from goats that I have sheared. The shorter black one is from Jalapeno and is the normal growth for a 6 month period. Danny missed a lock on Belgian, so the creamy lock is a year's growth. The reason you would not let their hair grow that long, is shown clearly. The oldest portion can start to felt and become unusable. I have 6 wethered bucks with six and seven inch locks who will be sheared next week. Their hair will be good for doll hair and lock spinning. They are second clips and really fine.