An early day

Yesterday I woke up at 3:30 and could not go back to sleep, so I finally got up, spun a little, and then went out to get the paper. I am never up this early and when I looked out the kitchen window, I noticed that the sunlight was shining on my garden in a very different way. This is Arizona and we try not to waste water, so you will notice that my garden is really small and in an old feed/water trough that rusted out. I use the grey water from washing fleeces to keep it green. I have cucumber and basil plants in it right now. Below is a patch of alfalfa that keeps on growing. The seeds self-seeded years ago. Since it is now getting more water, I am cutting every two weeks, drying it and feeding it to the sheep in the arena. It is gone in 2 seconds!
Below are two pictures of Ugly. Her goslings are still crawling under her wings. I could not decide which of the two pictures looked better, so I included both. It is funny how babies get as close to their mothers as they can.

This picture was taken a moment after the first two. The sheep were already roaming around at 5. By the time I come out at 7:30 (or later), they are usually way up the arena in the shade.

Emmy and Brillo are feasting on the Palo Verde seeds that are now dry. They have their rounds and always are at the shed waiting when I normally come out.

This is another skein in the bead series. I wanted to see how well the beads would show up in a coiled yarn. One by itself gets lost in the coils. I am spinning some black llama right now in the same style. I want to see how it knits up. This is not my usual coiled yarn.

As I went out to feed dinner I noticed the sky. I had to run back inside for my camera. I have five really gorgeous pictures. I only put one on. It can be overload! I plan to use the color scheme for a set of blue landscape batts.

Ever heard of the dancing bears? I have the Dancing Goats. This picture is slightly blurry, but you get the gist. This is why there is no vegetation at the lower levels. The goats and sheep eat it all!

Can't remember whether I mentioned that I have a Shetland sheep who is definitely pregnant. I bought her from a breeder in Oregon in February. She kind of looked pregnant last week. Yesterday there were clear signs of udder. Beats me when she will deliver, but I am praying that it will not be next weekend. She is not a first time mom, so she should be OK.