If it gets quiet...

I have been really busy spinning yarns. I have found someone who is great at marketing yarns and she is going to promote my novelty yarns. Once it gets going, I will post more details. Above and below are two styles of yarns that I have created for her.

The above and below photos are of the first batch that I sent. It was slave labor to get them all done in three days, but I wanted to be sure that she had enough to show at TNNA this weekend.
The Freeform Spinners of Tucson are going to keep going strong during the summer. This past Saturday we continued threading the loom for the raffle laprug for the Tucson Wool Festival October 17th. I also talked two of my friends into helping pluck some of the angora rabbits. We got 4 done and have the other 4 to do. I plan to card the fibers together, so there will be enough to create something showy. We had a good time discussing all sorts of things. Fiber friends are the best!