A vest and shades of red

A while ago I posted about the southwestern freeform yarns that I was spinning. I decided to make a vest from them and these two pictures give details of the back. One front side is already finished. The freeform yarns are a lot of fun to knit with. Since I knit them, I know what is in them, but never know exactly how they will appear in a finished project. I call them my Hidden Treasure series because there are all sorts of little things thrown in. There are orange rosebuds and a southwestern hat and boots hidden among the coils. They show up very clearly to the naked eye. Since the yarns have a mystery to them, I am a lot more likely to finish my project. I have 4 crochet shawls in progress. One is a new design. I have been trying out a crochet symbol chart software program and slowly getting the hang of it. My wish is to someday publish a book with my designs in them. Right now I am selling patterns individually and getting a feel for the ones that are the most appealing.
This was a photo that I took of the front rack in my shop yesterday. I needed new photos for my Patagonia application. A few of the yarns are listed on etsy. I am probably going to start listing some of them for sale on my website.


Red kid mohair, which is actually shades of brown, vary from angora goat to angora goat and change with the seasons. Barbara's fleece shorn three weeks ago was a very pale shade of tan. Her current fleece is very dark in comparison. She still has a very fine fleece at the age of 6. She is my oldest red doe and all of her line is exceptional. I have a few of the more traditional reds available for sale. They are lovely and, bred to a buck from Barbara's line, gave me lovely kids.