Always a favorite

This is a skein that I just finished for a Shetland order. I still have at least two, if not three, more bobbins to go to get enough yardage. Vanessa fell in love with some Shetland, but wanted enough to make a shawl, so I started fresh with three different fleeces blended in order to be sure that I had enough to spin. The shawl turned into an afghan. I have to tell you that it takes three times as long to card fiber than it does to spin it. Of course, DVDs speed the spinning process all, so it might just be my perception (I am not a clock watcher!)
The monsoon rains are here and we have been getting our share of rain. I find th eclouds fascinating, since our sky is usually such a clear blue. Wish I could capture the swirls in felting, but I am not patient enough to lay the fiber out that precisely. I really enjoy the clouds, because it cools things off. I feel bad for the animals - they migrate towards the cooler spots, but still...

The colored kids are turning out to be my favorites this year. Ruby is the one with her front feet in the feeder. The other two are Kat's and Jalapeno's kids. They have recessive black in their backgrounds and will have the finest colored fleeces when shearing comes along in October.
Maybe it is because she is the runt and so eager to see me (or any visitor for that matter - she even greets Marc) or because she does the cutest things, that Ruby has become my favorite this year. I still have her mother, The Witch, but she has dried up, so Ruby has figured out that she can pop under other mothers for a drink when they are eating. She does not discriminate! I have seen her under black goats, red goats, and white goats. The other night Duster, a red angora goat, was so busy inhaling grain that she did not even bother to check who was under her.
This is a close up of Ruby's fleece. She was born pure black, but the tips are now chestnut and the rest of her fleece is now turning silver. It is going to be a very unusual fleece. Of course, the best part is how soft it will be.