Baby updates and new yarn

I still have not named the mother and the ram lamb. Moms and babies always hang very close together.
This is the Moorit. Since she is the only moorit that I have, she might end up being named that. She had a ewe lamb late Sunday afternoon. I was proud of her. She did it all by herself and no horror stories.
The tall sheep in the middle is Desert Rose. He was a bottle fed ram two years ago. He busted loose yesterday and was hanging out with the does under the Palo Verde and in front of the fan. Good thing it is so hot. He had no interest in chasing the does. Tor taught me how to get the sheep to move into areas by setting up temporary fences. It worked quite well. Desert Rose is now in an escape proof pen.
Absinthe has been asking to go hang out with the llamas and alpacas every morning. She has been finding the coolest spots. She is very well behaved and comes when called. Wish I could let more of the does wander, but the kids make too much of a racket when their moms go out the gate. I don't want the neighbors coming to harass me!
I have been spinning freeform yarns and listing them on my website. This was the one that I finished today. It is kid mohair and merino with lots of novelties. I have close up pictures below as well as photos showing both sides.

Yesterday morning I went out to feed and discovered that one of the rabbits had had babies. Only one was living. This picture was taken an hour ago. I am bottlefeeding him/her, since the mother had no teats and passed away last night. Despite the fans and getting soaked, the heat was too much. I was also unprepared. I had sorted out rabbits and did not realize that I had another male. He definitely had identifying traits when I went looking yesterday, but nothing a month ago. He is now in his own pen. Marc and I used the opportunity to shift cages around and add more fans. You do not want to know what our electric bill is right now!
I am using the sheep colostrum that I collected for the ewe lamb that I lost last week. He seems to be doing ok on it.