Computer issues and the Patagonia Fall Arts Festival

I can't tell, if my access issues are due to my wireless card, AOL, or if the blogger site is so overwhelmed by traffic, but I keep getting the "navigation to the page error" and I have an excellent connection. Any ideas?

My ewes have still not delivered. I feel for them every time I go check on the animals. It is hot! Some of them are now standing in water trying to keep cool. Some have learned to keep their heads propped on the licker and the water runs across their faces. It would be funny, if I were not also stressed by the heat and can relate. 30% chance of rain. Of course we had that chance yesterday and did not get any.

I have tried to figure out a way of responding to questions that people send me in comments and have decided that an occasional post with answers is the easiest way.

I do sell roving from Ashland Bay (for those who wanted to know if I had fiber for needlefelting.) I also sell dyed silk scarves for nuno felting.


I got into the show. It is in October before the Tucson Wool Festival. They emailed to let us know that they are looking for other vendors. Certain categories have a waiting list - jewelry, soaps, etc. If you think you want to do it, it costs about $185 and is a 3 day event. Much cooler weather than Tucson!