Ewe lamb update

She did not make it. I did not think she would, since I had to restore her airway during each seizure. She was born holding her head to the side, which has always been a bad sign. It always gets me when the ewe of a set of twins dies and the ram makes it. I know it is a case of the fittest survive, but it does not make it any easier to take. Amazing how quickly we become attached. She lived less than 9 hours and I could tell you the entire color pattern on her head, which was gorgeous and how curly her fiber was. The ram does not look nearly as good - very few curls. Males are always on the short list, so this is a bummer.

Since I have dealt with the constant "life or death" with births, this one has been a little easier to accept. I second guess every decision I make, but in the end it is out of my control and I need to learn to let go.

She will be missed.