Freeform yarns and No Size's buck

The above freeform yarn is a recent addition to the shop. I have spun singles and coiled yarns in the same shades to go along with this one. I will be listing it on my website for sale.
A friend told me that I did not have any green and orange combinations in the shop, so I spun this yarn. You can just barely see the glass bead which was my color inspiration. For those of you who have not see my freeform yarns, they vary in color and texture and are loaded with beads, buttons, bows, and other novelties. My idea is to create a yarn that captivates as you knit or crochet. You don't know what it will have next and you won't know what it will look like - you do know that it will be a work of art and an attention getter.

Below are some of the hungry critters who provide fiber for my yarns. They are mostly Shetlands and crosses with Jacob and Border Leicester.
Below is a skein of Shetland yarn. It has 1,308 yards and weighs 9.4 ounces. A huge skein for me.

This is one of No Size's bucks. His third fleece is going to be gorgeous compared to a traditional bucks' fleece. He is the only one that I kept from last year's crop of kids. Unfortunately, he is related to all but two of my does, so I cannot use him. He is available for $400 or an equivalent fiber trade (white wool that can be used next to the skin or good enough for nuno felting.) He is actually doing very well with the heat - but I am keeping a very close eye on him, since his fiber is so dense.