Lambs and problems

The ewe lamb above was born about 2 this afternoon. I had to fence off where the mother was in labor, because Ajo, the young Rambouillet kept harassing her while she was in labor.
The above is mother with her ram lamb. He was up and at it within moments. I am pretty sure that he is drinking off mom, but will know for sure when I go out to check this evening.
The baby in the basket is the one standing in this photo. All of a sudden she started having seizures, so I had to take her in. After a cold bath, a dose of antibiotics and lots of massaging, she relaxed and went to sleep. She needs prayer! I won't name her till I am sure that she will make it. I expected problems with this birthing since the mom has had udders forever and she quit eating for the last two days. I figure the heat and the other sheep wanting to be in on the action triggered some of the problems. I don't plan to try to get her on the mother, since I won't have anyone to help me catch her tomorrow and hold her, while I try to get the baby on. The mom is a recent purchase and wild!

Update at 9:45 - the ewe lamb is probably not going to make it. Her breathing has slowed to almost nothing. So sad. Marc and I are going to have to hold the ram lamb on mom. He felt thin when I picked him up.