No greater cure for the blues

Thanks for all of the encouraging comments. It is nice to know that other people share in my grief. I was surprised that Marc bought me flowers and gave me a card telling me that he understands how hard it is to work with babies and still lose them. He knows how much I love color and brought me the brightest bouquet that he could find! Thanks, Marc!
My way of beating the blues is to do something constructive and possibly something that I had been procrastinating on. So, when Judy came to hang out this afternoon, I got her to help me pluck the three bunnies that had not been plucked earlier. We named them at the same time, so from left to right these three are named: Copper, Phoenix, and Quartz. I still have two reds to name. The white bunny is Tucson.

They were the first babies this year and I had not planned on the alphabetical listing. They all have distinct personalities. Tucson, is by far the friendliest. She used to rub noses with me, but now is more eager to get the papaya tablets that I give them each morning to make sure that they don't get wool block. Copper is the shyest bunny and the largest, so she is easy to pick out of the batch. Phoenix is very curious and hangs closest to her mother, while Quartz is friendly and likes to sit in the water bowl. The other two reds are a male and a female and have not distinguished themselves yet.

They all have lovely fleeces and petting them helped me get through the day. Thanks for making me a part of your lives.