Medieval Collar, Freeform Roving

The medieval collar was designed to be worn as below but, from my survey of friends and visitors, it will probably be worn as shown above. Another finished project. It was done two weeks ago, except for the tie.
The rovings shown below were all on the Elsa carder at the same time. They have also already been spun up into a freeform yarn that is hanging in the shop.
The rovings below are the beginning of my fall line. All of them were on the carder at the same time. I am finding new and different ways to combine colors. I plan to start spinning these tonight.
I spent yesterday shearing Chris' goats. He has given up on raising them. It is an all too familiar story that I am hearing. You pay more to feed than you get off the animals in terms of fiber. Since he had not gone into business yet, it was easier for him to call it quits. I won't be, so don't worry. There is something special about preparing and spinning fiber that I have grown myself.
I kept 4 of Chris' doe angora goats in hopes of being able to sell them. They were out of my buck, Samson, which he bought a few years ago. They are still kids and would make a great beginner herd. Email me at or call me at 520-572-3758, if you are interested. They will have already been shorn. I will be selling some of my goats after the wool festival. I want to keep several of the kids and it is easier to tell how their fleeces will come in, once they are past six months old.