More Freeform Yarns

These are the three skeins that I spun from the rovings of the previous post. I am thinking of them as Tucson colors.
Above and below are the front and back of the autumn leaves skein. I might do a coiled yarn to go with it, but I have moved on to blue for now.
After the colors above, I still felt in the fall mood, so I carded up the same colors, but substituted cranberry for the green.
I am aiming for one freeform yarn every other day. I am trying to spin singles or coils to go along with the hidden treasure yarn, since they are less expensive and can stretch the more fun yarns.
I have already spun it up! It has some interesting bead combinations in it.
This roving has already been spun up into a single. I plan to spin the freeform yarn that goes with it tomorrow. It has various shades of blue and two greens, as well as "red" kid mohair. In fact, 80% of the fiber is kid mohair, so it has a lovely sheen to it. It also looks a lot different as a yarn, but it is in the wash, so I have to wait to take a picture.