Nine Years

Above is the photo from 9 years ago. I am not sure that at this size you can pick out the changes evident in the photo below from last November. Of course, we have lost the haybarn that is on the left. A new barn is going up in the back of the arena on the right sometime during September. We decided that it makes more sense to put up animal shelter, since I use pellets and they are stored in the brick shed. I also wanted something farther from the road.
These photos only show half of our property. The photographers focused on the dwellings. We are leaving the far left end of our property undeveloped to give us a buffer zone from the road and neighbors.
The ruffle on my medieval collar is in the process of being bound off. I have figured out what I want to do for the neck. Will hopefully finish it tomorrow, so I can post pictures and publish the pattern. I will probably do a variation, since the pattern lends itself to lots of yarn and color choices. It is totally reversible. I had planned the ruffle to be stockinette, but it looks even better as reverse stockinette!