Cards and novelty yarns

My sister, Shirley, took a bunch of photos while visiting and grabbed some of mine from my computer to create the cards above. They are gorgeous. She is using my novelty yarns as the backdrop for some and the local vegetation for others. I do have a few llama ones for those of you who have been asking for them. They are a steal at $6 and definitely a collector's item. I have promised her that I will not hoard them.
Judy (not the same from the previous posts - I seem to have several friends with the same names) finished her scarf. She liked the southwestern motifs that I had on my landscape scarf, so she went home and added them to a scarf that she was already knitting with my yarns. She agreed that it is a lot harder to add them after the fact. It is easy to obsess over placement and being too "scientific" about it did not work.

This skein came off my wheel earlier today. It has 88 yards. Below is another photos. The one below is more accurate in terms of color, but I did want to show a closeup of the beads in the yarn. They really make it pop and definitely add class.

And lastly, I thought I would let you know that the three large Rambouillet males (2 rams and a wether) were moved to the far back of the arena. I really need to get the rest of the goats sorted. I was to busy helping to shove them in the right direction to be able to take photos. Sure wish that someone had been there with a camera. One of them would not go any way but backwards, so Marc and I decided that we would turn him around and move him that way. It was too funny for words, but it worked. Now I will have a longer trek to get their feed to them, but the main area of the pen will soon have less work. Part of this move is also to reduce my raking in the morning. The snowbirds are coming back and visitors are wanting to see the animals. I do believe that it is a lot more pleasant to be able to walk without watching for pellets!