Energizing Day at Patagonia Fall Arts Festival

I hate setting up my booth for shows, but it is really worth it, because I meet lots of new people and old friends. It is always an interesting mix of people: fiber artists, breeders, veterinarians, other fiber shop owners, and people who remember family members that used to be fiber artists. I wish I had time to write all of their stories down. Several saw me at the festival last year and this year told me what they had done with their yarns. Others were hanging the yarns around their homes, so they could just admire the colors. They are waiting for the perfect project - a little like my being afraid to use the yarn because someone else might have a cooler idea than mine for using it!

I invite anyone who has made something from my fibers - felted or with yarn - to send me digital photos of your finished projects as attachments. I would like to feature some of them on my blog (so I need your permission- you can also just share for my eyes only.) I am always amazed at the ways my fibers are used.

My friend, Karen Herhold, makes very precise nuno felted scarves. My nuno felted scarves are on the opposite end of the form - very abstract. I have hung one of her scarves next to one of mine in the booth. Mine appeal to the right brain - hers to the left brain. I have been doing a survey of visitors for years and those who are in science related fields zoom in on Karen's, while those who are in art fields zoom in on mine. They are both done in exactly the same colors - the layout is also very similar, but the results are very different!

My friend, Holly Hardyman, is also on the scientific side. She spins gorgeous lace weight yarns in solid colors. My yarns - rarely feature one color or type of fiber and they usually have a novelty twist of some sort.

Hope you all have the wool festival here at the ranch in your plans for next Saturday!