Fall is here!

Fall and spring are the perfect seasons for felting here. The mornings are cool, but not so cool that you can't soak your hands in the water to felt. I have come to the conclusion that, if I layout and start felting a piece before going out to feed the animals in the morning, I have a real sense of accomplishment. I felted the above piece on Tuesday and it kind of looks like the above photo. I hung it in the shop this afternoon and will photograph it tomorrow.
During the Freeform Spinners of Tucson meeting yesterday, we chose the fiber for the shawl for next year. We settled on autumn colors and Shetland and Rambouillet fibers. We are going to spin the warp and weft now so we will be able to warp the loom on the day of the Tucson Wool Festival. The center of the shawl will be woven using the chocolate Rambouillet and the colors will be knitted and crocheted into leaves. If you come to the festival and would like to make a piece for the shawl, there will be a table with the yarn and the patterns that we have chosen. This years' laprug became a shawl and is almost complete. It will be done, so the raffle winner can take it home. This is the piece that I laid out and felted this morning. It definitely looks different and I will post the photo tomorrow. The red that shows on the right side looks a lot like a dancer now it is felted so I am naming it "Free Spirit."
This is one of the yearling does. She is always in a chair or on something. She is really ready to be sheared. She will have a seven month fleece when she is sheared at the wool festival.

The does in this pen are all available for sale. A few are color carriers and the rest are white. In the back at the right is one of the bucks I bought in Oregon. He is not interested in the does yet. He will probably have to be sheared before he goes into rut. It is way too hot here and his fleece is pretty heavy.
Our sunset tonight. Really inspiring for an artist. I don't think the photo really captured it.