Going Batty for the Tucson Wool Festival

At the bottom of this post are photos of the bat that has moved into my workshop AKA garage. I am cleaning out the garage, so I can put tables for the spinning judging in there. I was afraid that all of the noise last night would have driven it away, but I found it this morning hanging in the closet of the garage. I was throwing the blind onto the shelf and was face to face with it. He did not even move. The blind is not quite where it ought to be, but I left it!
This is the shawl that we are raffling off at the wool festival with the proceeds going to the Casa Maria Kitchen. It is not entirely complete, but should be by Saturday morning. It is almost large enough to be the lap rug that we intended. We are already spinning the warp for next year's shawl and demos on all stages will be available at the festival.

I use this time period to redesign the shop and air out fleeces. It is amazing how many things we discover that we have and don't remember having. Marc keeps telling me how much longer everything is taking than he predicted.

To ensure that we have enough parking, Marc hired a tree company to come and remove some of the piles of wood that we have been accumulating over the years. They have promised us mulch in return. More room for animals?

Hanging by a thread.

Bat aerobics.

I am officially batty.
Spinners - the judging will be at 1 P.M. in the workshop. There will be cards for you to fill out for the judges on the table. Please put your yarns out in the morning, so the visitors get a chance to check them out and vote for their favorite.
Please let me know in the morning, if you are interested in doing a spinning competition for fun. I will do it based on interest. This is entirely separate from the yarn judging and quantity, not quality is the goal. It is a test of how well you know your wheels.