Patagonia, new yarns and southwestern vest

Hot off the wheel. The funky yarns are the most fun to create, so it is nice to have them so well received. I get to do what I like best!
I finished my southwestern vest and did not remember till today that I had not photographed it. This is the back and it is the lighter side.
The front side represents the darker side of the southwestern colors. The coils on one side act as closures. No need for buttons on this one. It stretches, since it was knit side to side, so it will look well on many shapes and sizes. Available in the ranch shop or at a show.

And what would a show be without at least one booth shot. The felting is drawing a lot of attention - both the landscapes and the nuno felted shawls. I hope to sell a few finished goods, but so far, the yarns are the winners. They look spectacular in natural light. I forget how dark my shop can look. A skylight is in a list of remodeling, but we have to get through the new barn deal first. If I were not so hooked on carding and spinning, I could sit and knit all day long.