Happy Thanksgiving - REALLY

Winter had her baby this morning. It is a female, so I named her Thanksgiving and will call her Thanks. She looks to be the shade of a pale red angora goat. Winter allowed me to express some of her colostrum to put in Thanks mouth, so I was able to warm up the baby and get her drinking from Winter very easily. All the requisite holes are there and mom and baby are bonded. so I am truly thankful!
I had to put Winter into the fenced area with the goats, because the baby will not be able to run fast enough to escape a coyote for a while. Brillo and Emmy were experiencing baby envy, so I thought it would be safer all around.

This is the prickly pear that was my inspiration for the Tohono Chul novelty yarn. Still have not finished spinning it, but I did remember to walk the dogs out there with a camera, so I could get a photo.
Above is one of my experiments. I spun kid mohair on top of an elastic thread. Turned out really fuzzy. I then tried spinning a yarn and then plying with the elastic thread. That turned out so boring that I did not even photograph it!
Above is a circular lace shawl that I am designing "as I go" using the Knitvisualizer software. Now that I have figured out a few of its quirks, I will be able to design more intricate patterns. I always worry about using just words for a design. I plan to write the pattern for the pink shawl with beads that is in the shop. I have been asked for the pattern repeatedly, but was afraid to just use the abbreviations. It is an easy thing to mess up.