A walk on the Scientific Side

Most of you, who have been out to the ranch, know that I separate artists into the scientific and the abstract/freeform. You have also already figured out that I am an abstract artist and approach all of work in a freeform manner. Well, flipping around in the groups that I like on Ravelry, I discovered that there was a book coming out called Creative Lace by Myra Wood. I immediately went to Amazon to check it out. The picture on the front captured my imagination, since I had just collected the colors for a new yarn. I was thinking coiled, until I saw the book, which I did buy.
I spun the roving up as a lace weight single and was seriously impressed with the yardage that I got - 790 yards in 5.6 oz., so 171 yards per ounce. A record for me! It is kid mohair with a touch of white merino from a fleece I bought from the shearer last spring. I envision a free flowing skirt to be worn over leggings. The Creative Lace book does not have any true patterns of the featured finished items, so I won't be able to use them as a springboard for my own design. I have emailed Myra Wood in the hopes of being able to take her class somewhere or get her scheduled to come here to teach, since I am a very visual learner. Will let you know, if I ever hear from her.
After a trip to Barnes and Nobles, I had a book on Victorian Lace by Jane Sowerby. She has some good instructions in the back of her book on how to design your own lace patterns. Between those two books and a few others on my shelves, I have a pretty good idea of what I want to do. Now, I am just waiting for the Knitvisualizer software that I ordered to arrive. Myra Wood recommends it and the demo looked awesome. I could have had instant gratification with a download version, but I already know that I am getting a new computer, so it makes sense to get the CD. I plan to make up and record the pattern as I go. I don't have what it takes to make more than one of them, but someone else might like the pattern. I also plan to write the pattern for the pink Shetland Shawl with beads, since I keep getting asked for it. It is the kind of pattern that needs a chart!
The above is roving that I carded up after seeing a prickly pear cactus plant along the wash while I was walking the dogs. I keep meaning to take my camera along, but my hands are too busy trying to keep Shep and Herd from playing with each other as we go. I am going to spin it up as a novelty yarn and name it "Tohono Chul." The Holiday Nights are next week end and I am starting to get excited. I won't take as much from the shop as I do for the 4th Ave, but I still need to mentally prepare in my mind what I am going to take. I will also be taking Ruby and Rica. Marc says he will help with that. I am going to scope out my area tomorrow morning and might also take an angora rabbit, if the area is suitable.