Thanksgiving and our new barn

Thanksgiving is getting quite comfortable running around the fenced in area. She is now checking out the goats and she follows me as I feed, while her mother hangs out at the front gate - eating and hoping that I am going to let her rejoin the herd. I have decided to keep them in, so I can keep handling Thanksgiving and keep her tame.
My shop was back up on Monday. I rearranged again. It gives me a new perspective and some of the changes were a result of questions at the 4th Avenue. Everyone was looking for the larger skeins this time, so I have put the 300 yard skeins in one area and the 500 yards plus in another. I have a lot more of the larger skeins than I thought.
I am currently spinning skeins with beads and skeins with elastic. I am now a dealer for Rainbow Elastic and have the complete 48 set available in the shop. I am spinning yarn for hats and love how the elastic behaves as a core for the band of a hat. I plan to try it out on a woven scarf next.
The last issue of Handwoven had an article on using elastic thread. I think the yarn will be very interesting in a scarf. I have designed two hats and plan on publishing the patterns.
The other exciting news is that our barn is finally going up. All of the permits are in and 6 foot holes for the foundation were dug yesterday. The inspector approved them today, so the frame work is now going up. It should be finished by the holidays.

This photo was taken yesterday before the barn started going up. The arena looked huge! I lured the sheep to the back pen by dragging the feed wagon to the area. Good thing the builder called early. I did not feed the sheep first like I usually do and I waited long enough that they were desperate. The only sheep that would not go in was the ram. He is smart! I had to have Kyle catch him for me later in the afternoon.